Working hard and not seeing results?

Are you working hard in the gym but feel like you’re not seeing results?? I might have your solution!

You can spend hours in the gym working on that summer body but your progress is stagnant. There are 2 very common things I see when sitting down with a new client for nutrition.

First, they aren’t eating enough food. Your muscles, ligaments, and tendons all need energy (aka food) in order to grow and repair. Several people have come into the gym and I’ve asked, “what have you eaten today?”. They typically have to think long and hard about it because they’ve barely had one full meal and it’s 5pm.

What people don’t realize is that you can burn MORE calories by eating more food (that’s not an excuse to overindulge). Think about it this way; if food means that your body has more energy, then you can push harder in the gym. You can increase your intensity, lift more weights, go longer, whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish. On the flip side, try working out without eating anything. It’s not going to go well.

The second most common thing they’re missing is enough protein. Protein is made of amino acids – the building blocks of life. Amino acids are essential to produce enzymes, hormones, antibodies, etc. Specifically, protein can increase glucagon, which helps control body fat. While there are a ton of reasons outside of looking better and getting stronger, protein is essential for building muscle. Clients have noticed a difference by adding just 1 protein shake a day to their diet.


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