Start Taking Care of Yourself!

I find that most people that are overweight and have unhealthy eating habits are some of the most selfless people I know. What this translates to is; they never have time for themselves because they’re always trying to make OTHER people happy. They usually will say something like, “My kids are my priority” or “I’m too busy with work”. I understand that kids come first and paying your bills are a necessity but if you’re dead, what does it matter?

Within the last couple of years, I’ve found out that several of my friends/family friends have been diagnosed with a form of cancer, pre-cancerous cells, or heart issues. Death is guaranteed for everyone on this earth but why cut it short? I quickly realized that there is a correlation with all of these people. The fact is, they all don’t exercise and they have unbalanced diets. After digging a little deeper, I found some very interesting statistics.

For simplicity, we’ll just talk about heart disease and cancer; the top 2 leading causes of death. They make up about 46% of deaths in America. Wow. That’s almost half of all deaths are caused by 2 things. If there was a cure for cancer, this number would go down tremendously. I’m not a doctor and I’m certainly not doing research to find a cure. Instead of focusing on finding a cure, why not do everything in your power to prevent it?

The answer is all over the Internet. If you Google ways to prevent cancer and heart disease two things come up: Diet and Exercise. (Not smoking and not drinking too much are also important but that’s a whole different article). Put down those processed foods full of sugar and chemicals and put more whole foods in your life. Get off the couch and get your heart rate up. Change your habits 1 day at a time and this will be an easy transition.

Have you seen those crazy documentaries on Netflix: ? They claim that going vegan and keto have cured their cancer. Two completely different diets have the same outcome. Why? Because they took the processed crap out of their diet and stuck to whole foods. They stopped buying Hamburger Helper and Doritos and started making homemade food.

If you think about what’s important in life, most people usually say family and friends. It’s the experiences in life that make life worth living. Doing that without a loved one is really hard. Start encouraging your loved ones to eat healthier, exercise regularly and stick to a schedule so that you both have more time together on this planet. Join us in the fight against cancer and heart disease by starting with yourself.




*Disclaimer: I realize that not all cancer or heart disease is preventable but why risk it?