MILK: Which One Do I Buy??

Are you wondering which milk is best for you? Have no fear; we are here to help! The types of milk these days are vastly increasing and it’s hard to keep track. We’ll help breakdown which one is best for you. The ones we are comparing today are 2% milk, Fairlife 2%, Almond Milk (unsweetened), and Ripple.

We’ve compared just 4 different milks because:

  1. They taste good (or good enough)
  2. They are macro friendly
  3. They are readily available

The first question you need to ask yourself is what allergies do you have? If you’re lactose intolerant, we’ve already removed regular milk. If you’re allergic to sunflower oil or peas (this is a thing, trust me) then Ripple is out of the questions. If you’re allergic to Almonds, almond milk is definitely not an option. Are you eliminating your choices so far?

The next question is, are you typically low on protein? If your answer is yes, you’ll want to choose Fairlife milk. It’s higher in protein than any other option and it tastes great too. You also have options for whole milk, 2%, fat free, and chocolate milk.

The third question is, what are you using this milk for? If you’re purely going for taste and nothing else matters, then pick your favorite. It’s always better to eat our food instead of drink it because whole foods will sit in your stomach longer.   No one wants to get hangry so, eat up! If you’re looking for the lowest calorie milk to add to cereal/granola or a shake, almond (or cashew) is your best bet. If you have the macronutrient room for the other milks and want to use them because you like how they taste, that’s fine.

What I typically see as a nutrition coach is low protein. I almost always recommend Fairlife milk because of this. Not only does it taste great but you also get the best bang for your buck. You can’t go wrong with 13g of protein, low carbs and low fat. If you need lower fat, you can get fat free too. (want to treat yourself, try their chocolate milk) Here is a great macro comparison for the 4 types:


What about all the other types of milk?!

-We left cashew milk out of this equation because it’s so similar to almond milk that the choice is yours.

-Oat milk is pretty high in carbs so if you’re bulking or need liquid carbs, have at it!

-Soy Milk isn’t very tasty and is a bit higher in carbs.

-Goat Milk isn’t readily available to everyone but is higher in fat – this is still a great option, especially if you need more fat in your diet.

-Rice Milk is weird but also high in carbs and low in protein. Carbs taste better when chewed anyways.