Competition Day Eating

One question we get asked on a consistent basis is; “What do I eat on competition day?” This answer is really pretty simple BUT if you’re like me, and get a nervous stomach, eating can sometimes be hard. I like to keep it simple and I like to over pack. It’s always better to have too much than too little on game day!

First, you want to make sure you have plenty of simple carbs. These simple carbs will help keep your energy UP and won’t sit in your stomach for long periods of time. You want to be able to use your energy for lifting (or running, biking, etc.). You won’t want your body to work on digesting a giant steak and potatoes. That’s for later. Good examples of these are:



-Clif Bars (or similar)

-Body Armor, Gatorade or Pedialyte

-Baby food pouches

Baby food?? YES! It’s perfect for people that get that “sick to your stomach” feeling. Just be careful of the type of mixture you get. Prunes might give you other issues you’re not trying to deal with on game day.

Other items you want to have are protein shakes and BCAAs. Again, with the liquids. It’s easier to digest and won’t (typically) upset your stomach further. Both of these items will help with recovery between events. You can even sip on these all day. No need to feel obligated to chug all the liquids.

Some people are fine with eating PB&J’s, sandwiches, eggs, etc. That’s great as long as it won’t upset your stomach or take too long to digest. It also depends on how much time you have between events. In strongman, it’s about an hour between events. For me, that’s not enough time to eat a meat and cheese filled sandwich. If I’m feeling hungry, I’ll eat a Clif Bar.

The best time to eat a big meal is either first thing in the morning or after you’re done. You’ll usually have at least 2 hours from the time you get up, until it’s time for you to compete. Once you’re done with the competition, it’s time to relax, eat something delicious and maybe an adult beverage or two. 😉

We hope this helps for your next big meet!