Macros Plus 1 Week of Meal Plans

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Looking for a complete lifestyle change in terms of food? this includes Custom Macros plus a week of recipes to get you through the week and hit your macros every day.


2 Breakfast Recipes

2 Lunch Recipes

4 Snacks

2 Dinner Recipes

2 reviews for Macros Plus 1 Week of Meal Plans

  1. Carolyn

    Too long didn’t read summary: you’ll learn and won’t regret being empowered to fuel yourself properly!
    Just going to the gym frequently and assuming I was eating “healthier” because I was cutting calories or skipping meals was not getting me anywhere. I’ve tried many the crash and “lifesytle” diets (e.g. Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers) and yes I lost weight then gained it back. Those systems hide what you need to learn about your body and food, Laura demystifies the math and explains the breakdown of what you consume, how much, when, and why the ratios are important. It was a seriously embarrassing but mind opening moment when she told me I had damaged metabolism because I wasn’t eating enough! So therefore I wasn’t losing. It may seem strange that she’s likely to increase your caloric intake then gradually decrease you, because your body needs to learn you’re not starving you can eat the food and lose the fat you don’t need. Trust the process!
    I loved her so much I brought my mother to get her macros and a meal plan! My mom definitely had a hard time getting passed previous diet stigmas to realize yes you need fat, bacon is ok in moderation! And no a 100 calorie snack off the shelf is not equal to the amount of protein, carbs, or fat you need in your snack.

    Laura’s meal plans are also the bomb! She has amazing recipes that seriously taste great and I like food not cardboard so it’s a no brainer. Even my mother was really impressed (and she’s been cooking for years ;)) Having Laura kick start your macro counting journey until you wrap your head around it is great! It’s not as hard as it looks. So choose to invest in you! I did and I’m happy I now have real healthy habits and when I “cheat” I know exactly how much I can eat, so you don’t have to limit yourself to stigmatized horrible diet food!

  2. Jacqueline Goldstein

    The only thing I can say that is the best nutrition program ever, so helpful and see results that anybody expect .

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